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THM Bendigo
3/143-153 High Street
(Old Poyser Building) Bendigo

THM Epsom
THM Epsom 41 Howards
Street Epsom

About Us

You know that feeling – trepidation – you walk into a gym for the first time, instantly you feel your heart begin to race, you clutch your gym bag and nervously head over the cardio area. STOP!

Try this – You walk into a THM Location, you’re excited because you have a brand new program which your THM Coach has sent you over the weekend. It’s challenging, sure, but your confidence is at an all-time high because you’ve been taught all the techniques correctly. You’re greeted with a smile at reception and you barrel through the door and eagerly set up for your first exercise and begin warming up.

Which one would you rather?

It’s one of the key benefits of choosing to become a THM Family member rather than just another gym member. You do really matter, your goals really matter and helping you achieve them really does matter. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re at, you could be recovering from injury, coming back after a long break or really wanting to chase down some long term goals – Whatever it is, we have got your covered.

So welcome to The Human Mechanics, welcome to a new style of gym and new style of health and fitness for Central Victoria.

Arj Perera
CEO & Founder