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As mums we always seem to push ourselves to the end of the list, it's true so don't deny it. We always try and get as much done in our days for the children or partners then by the end of the day you forgot that YOU needed to go buy yourself your hair treatment, "it's ok I'll get it tomorrow" well tomorrow come and there dance lessons for the kids, or the washing has piled up and then before you know it, guess what?! It's bed time again and you forgot about YOU " the hair treatment. So today I'm going to say it's OK for YOU to have YOU time, for the little things that make you feel better about yourself. Whether it be getting your hair coloured, nails done, some retail therapy. I no I no, you're thinking I haven't got anyone to watch the kids during the day, who said it needed to be during the day? Kmart is open till 9pm so why not go after you have feed, bathed and put the kids to bed. It may only be 1 hour but still look at you go, you finally put some time aside for YOU. Or even if it means setting your children up in the lounge room with snacks, drinks and a movie so you can go and relax on your bed for an hour to read a book.

So now it's time to allocate time for you and don't forget about your health.

With the cold weather upon us let's face it it's hard to want to go to gym and leave the warm comfort of our house but who said you have to leave? There are plenty of workouts you can do at home in the warmth and with your loving family. You can incorporate them into the workout for a bit of resistance or weight to help tone your body or just let them join in for some family fitness fun! Many of us watch all these good looking fitness models in videos online and wish we could look like that – it can definitely be done, but we have to remember it all comes down to the food we eat and the amount of exercise time we allocate ourselves each week to get there. So stop snacking on biscuits when you give the kids one, drink more water, eat more veggies and meat. Eating clean is easier than most people consider it to be. I grew up eating Paleo without a choice, my parents just chose to do it.

Allowing yourself even 10 minutes each day to begin with to do just a few exercises is all it takes to start allowing yourself to reach a goal. Set small goals too so you can knock them off easily and consistently – that will help keep your motivation up as well! Throw the scales away or give them to the hubby to hide and you're only allowed to have them once a fortnight to see your progress. Also instead of rewarding your healthy body with junk food reward it with clothes or getting you hair done – again, smart choices even when you’re winning.

So for example:

Month 1 - You have hit your first small goal,

  • Book yourself in to get your hair done. your body will love you for choosing a better option instead of junk food.
  • What a way to celebrate by taking some extra YOU time to pamper yourself.
  • As if your hubby or partner won't appreciate you more for being not only the super mum but an even sexier looking one by rewarding yourself for your first goal achieved with the new hairdo!

If you don't reach the full goal in the month that's fine just keep at it and it may only take another week or two and guess what you can then reward yourself. Don't ever look at it as a bad thing for not reaching a goal when you wanted, look at it as a mission, you didn't fail you just needed a little longer to complete your mission.

So – allocate that time to yourself to look and feel better about being you. Don’t even give it a second thought, because you definitely deserve it. Stay positive through the journey, because it’s not a sprint – it’s life – and real goals take time to achieve.

Above all else be positive – you are amazing, you just need to keep reminding yourself!

Until next time!

Coach Avril