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Part 1: Meal Prep

Hi I'm Avril a 24 year old mum to a 5 year old little girl, and man child.

As you’d expect, I’m a busy mum (like you all!) yet I still find time to workout, supervise PT Staff, look after clients and manage a busy PT studio.You’re probably saying ‘that’s fantastic for you – sister, but how the hell can I do that with all the stuff I have going on?’ - Well today I’m letting my secrets out of the bag in the beginning of this 4 part series to help all you busy mum’s out there take bake a little ‘me’ time and still be able to get everything done like only a supermum can.

Tip #1: Time Blocking

A little about my week - I work split shifts Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm, in the middle of all this I’m making sure my daughter is up and ready for kinder, booking appointments for myself, cleaning the house and organizing my clients for the week and getting my exercise in either at the gym or in the park while my daughter has a play. Time blocking has truly saved me – sure, it was an effort initially to completely run my day and week by a set schedule and to keep to it, but after a short few weeks it became second nature. I even found I got tasks done quicker and was able to actually gave FREE time! I’m sure you can relate to how magical THAT was!

Tip #2: Write a Menu

Sunday is the beginning of my week, it's designated 'my day' - I know it sounds strange to some mum's but yes, I actually have a 'my day'!

It’s the day I go organize my calendar to make sure all my clients are booked in and happy with there time slots. Then I move on to writing our menu for the week – another one which may sound daunting, but it can really be fun to do especially if your kids are a little older and can help with idea. This gives them the opportunity to eat something they really want, asking my daughter and partner what they would like to eat makes my job so much easier.

Now I know kids in the kitchen can sometimes be more of a hinderance than help, but by making them feel integral to the whole ‘Sunday Cookup’ process it just becomes a fun afternoon. My daughter loves to join me in the kitchen making homemade goodies or cutting salad veggies up. What's better than having her helping me is knowing it's all healthy and she's happy to eat the meal she helped prepare – she’s always proud as punch when it’s dinner time!

Tip #3: Meal Prep

Being able to meal prep or at least have all the ingredients for the meals ready to go doesn't have to be complicated, try some variations in how you cook different food types and the meals will always be difference AND delicious. For example I have a slow cooker and absolutely love it and swear by it!! This is my massive time saver in the kitchen, who doesn't love coming home from work to a nice hot meal ready to eat so you can sit down and have quality time with your family? Learn to be adventurous with your food combinations, try something new, combine different flavours and food groups – all it takes really is to raid the pantry.

As it’s winter, I cook soups packed full of veggies for my go-to lunches - minestrone soup for me and a beef ragout for my partner’s lunches for the week so I know he is eating something wholesome each day for lunch (with hidden veggies in it haha). This is where your grater will get the best workout and best of all he doesn't complain because he gets a nice warm meal each day for work on these cold days - food is the way to a man’s heart after all!

Being a (super)mum doesn't have to be difficult, it's definitely a full-on job most of the time but we can make it easier on ourselves by following simple steps like I've outlined above. If you're already doing these things, you know how amazing it is and what a change it brings to your day to day life. If you are just beginning, get ready to feel free and organised again!

Don’t forget to look our for Part #2 of this series next week and also keep an eye on our Facebook pages for my At Home Workout Series For Mum’s.

Signing off for now -

(Super)mum Coach Avvy.