Pricing | The Human Mechanics

THM Bendigo
3/143-153 High Street
(Old Poyser Building) Bendigo

THM Epsom
THM Epsom 41 Howards
Street Epsom


Gym Membership

From $ 16 Per week Access Anytime
  • THM Epsom is like nothing else in Central Victoria – we actually want you to turn up, work out regularly each week, see some consistent results and feel better about YOU. We are hands on here, we will definitely pull you off those cardio machines and just throw you into a random free PT workout – because we want you to see results.
  • If you need help – all you have to do is ask. Our THM Coaches will gladly show you how to perform your next exercise, or even suggest a brand new one in the midst of your program to really shake things up a bit.
  • It’ll definitely be a change to what you’re used to if you’ve trained anywhere else before because we actually care about how you’re doing and if you’re seeing results – if you’re not, we’ll definitely get you there.

The 28 Days program

From $ 50 per week
  • Walk in the door, you’re greeted with a smile and a high-5. Everyone is friendly, there’s no ego’s here, just like minded and supportive people who are chasing their goals down just like you. Your coach brings you all in for the pre-session brief, the goal for the session is set and you know exactly what you need to do not only to step ever closer to your ultimate goal but also what you need to do today to ensure you’ve given it your all. The music gets turned up, the beat catches you – and then… It’s ON!
  • 3 strength based programs each week for 60 minutes
  • A 2 stage, carefully designed nutritional program designed to help you achieve your goals and LOVE food once again.
  • Highly trained, motivational coaches who are there for one reason only – YOU.
  • A huge support network of friendly and encouraging THM Family members who you can lean on when things get tough.

1:1 Personal Training

From $ 50 Per week
  • This is the ultimate level of personal service we offer at THM. Just you, your THM Coach and those goals that you’ve set together that need to be chased down and achieved. There’s no cookie-cutter approach here, it’s all specific to you, your current fitness levels and of course those little extras which are pure THM to help you progress each and every session.
  • You’ll be looking forward to every single session, wondering what new challenge will be set for you to achieve – and you will definitely achieve them. It’s what we do.

Semi Private Personal Training

From $ 30 Per week
  • Just you and a select group of people, an exclusive club if you will, where you have hand- picked the members. You challenge each other to keep up, lift more, push more – be more! Your own private session with one of our amazing THM Coaches and it’s just for you and your special group. Take it to the next level, then you can each brag about your new PB’s over the weekend when you all meet for lunch!