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“Why having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice? Greater strength and freedom can be ours.” ~ The Motivation Manifesto, Brendan Burchard.

As I was listening to this podcast the other day, this quote truly resonated with me, as it reminds me of the first conversation I have with almost every new client. The difference between what they want to be and how they actually are - they want to be a lion and achieve their goals, but are actually stuck as mice on a wheel going nowhere.

Working with people over the last 12 years I’ve learned that if self confidence isn’t addressed at the beginning, it’s almost impossible for that person to achieve what they truly desire because their own self doubt is working against them.

Health and fitness lifestyle changes are not easy – anyone will tell you that. What makes it easier is having a fitness professional by your side to help push through the tough bits and the moments of self doubt. A lot of the time the most challenging part is having to critically look at yourself in the mirror and realising that you actually need to change your mental outlook as much as your lifestyle.

Part of our job as Fitness Professionals is to remind our clients, that they do have the heart of a lion and they do deserve to be happy. This is an easy lesson for some and they integrate it into all facets of their lives, and seeing the effect of this positive change is truly amazing to behold.

For others it’s more of a regular study and revision type of approach, sometimes even 3 steps forward-1 step backward but I truly believe that when you do effect change in people who have trained themselves to resists their own greatness, it is the sweetest victory of all for both client and trainer.

So before you embark on your health, fitness and self-awareness journey, ensure that you also take the time to remind yourself that you deserve it.

You deserve to feel, look and live the amazing life you have always dreamed of; and perhaps denied yourself because you forgot something important – self belief

The journey may be difficult at times, but that will only make the achievement so much more momentous once you cross the finish line. So never be afraid to set yourself lofty goals, because with the right support, proper focus and that dogged determination – you will most definitely get there.

Look at yourself in the mirror each day and smile, take on each day with boundless energy and relentlessly pursue what you once considered impossible - Because you do have the heart of a lion, and strength and freedom can be yours – you just need to believe.

Arj ‘The Motivator” Perera – Head Coach