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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 7.31.58 AMNow – I’m not a mum, that much is pretty obvious. I am, however married to a fabulous woman who’s also an amazing mum to our two-year-old daughter. I also train a great many other amazing mum’s so I think after all that I would have learnt a thing or two from them all.

Let’s begin by playing the ‘way back when’ game. Do you remember back that far, before kids I mean? When you just had the basics, your work, your partner, your friends and that amazing little thing called ‘free time’ – if you try really hard you’ll be able to picture it, because I know for many of you reading this it’s probably all but a distant memory.

Your life and daily tasks fitted nicely into a regular schedule, one you could adjust on a whim and fit in that extra PT session or get out and enjoy nature by getting in a run around Rosalind Park or Lake Weerona. Those clothes always looked amazing on, and you never hesitated entering your favourite shop because you worried about the next potential fabulous purchase not fitting. You felt amazing every single day, felt like you had time on your side and never had to sacrifice those precious regular ‘me’ hours to anyone else but the next workout or bit of self-imposed down time.

So what happened? Kids happened, that’s what. Those gorgeous little munchkins who came into your life, made that much better, that much more complete – and like a cat burglar in the night stole all your free time! So you sacrificed, because let’s face it you probably thought that running around after little ones is your new lot in life. Gone are the days of feeling fit and healthy, gone are the days of just ‘throwing something on’ because you know anything will look good on, gone are those favourite workout sessions at your gym.

It doesn’t have to be like that you know… I promise, it really doesn’t have to be. You can get back that ‘me time’ completely, or learn to share it with your beautiful little ones and make the experience even more enriching for all of you. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave the house! Yes! You don’t need to… (take a deep breath) prepare some snacks, get the bottles ready, get the spare nappies, get the wipes, get the change of clothes, remember where you (or your kids) put your keys, try and sift through everything to find something workout gear to wear or get somewhere by a set time to make the class – you just need to clear a little space in the living room or head out to your back yard. Easy isn’t it?

At home workouts are the savior to your sanity, the restorer of muscle tone and the provider of that all-important stress relief you can do whenever you like – even wearing your PJ’s if you can’t be bothered getting changed! I know what you’re thinking now – so how much stuff am I going to need to buy to be able to do this at home? You’ve seen all the amazing workout ‘toys’ in gyms these days, don’t worry though, I’m sure if you look at what’s crawling or running around your house at the moment you’ll find something to workout with pretty quickly!

Not only do at home workouts help you regain that ‘me time’ your kids can join in too by becoming your very own, custom made resistance item! If they are old enough, they can also just join in the workout with you. Are you ready? Let’s get into it then!


Images Courtesy Of Bendigo Magazine