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THM Academy Online

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Level 1 Coaching

$499/Year Upfront
  • Warm up/cool down videos
  • Basic drills (sport specific) videos
  • 12 months of pre-determined programming

Level 2 Coaching

$499/Year Upfront + $50 per month
  • All of level 1
  • Monthly catch up in person or online via skype/facebook chat with a coach and adjustments to the level 1 set programming if needed to make it more individual for each athlete - $50 extra per month paid monthly
  • Private Facebook Group Access for questions for coaching team from parents/athletes

Level 3 Coaching

Interview Acceptance only from $50/week
  • All of level 1
  • Individual Coach per athlete
  • Weekly Video/phone chat
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Monthly individual Programming periodised for the athlete’s entire year – off season, pre-season, competitive season, (injury rehab if needed)

Acceptance into our level 3 for THM Academy requires a written application and each submission is considered on a case by case basis as there are limited spots open. Please submit your written application below.