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It's a terrible word to a vast amount of people, something that stirs up all kinds of emotion when you use it in a sentence. Despite all the negative connotations that come with it, anyone who wants to embark on a fitness journey to improve themselves, their lives, their looks and their health should bloody well get used to hearing it, realising it's actually a positive word and accepting that it's an integral part of their success. That word is....


To put it plainly, you simply cannot approach an undertaking such as a complete overhaul of your entire being without committing absolutely to the cause, otherwise it is a futile effort on your part and that of your trainer who is investing their time and knowledge to help you. Ask any competitive bodybuilder or figure competitor about it if you ever get the chance and they will tell you, the journey to looking like a chiselled greek statue is a horrendous one to say the least. You will push your body and most importantly your mind to your preconceived breaking point and then have to push past it in order to get ready to jump on stage at the big events. Dial this down a little to the person for example who use to be a fit, sexy and healthy size 10 in their 20's... then add the pressures of career, relationship breakdown, new relationships, marriage, new career, maternity leave, returning to work and oh... wait... what the hell happened to the fit, sexy and healthy size 8? Now it's a size 18, not so healthy, definitely not so fit and not feeling so sexy anymore. As any good trainer will tell you, it's how you feel on the inside first that counts and then the outside will quickly follow, but unfortunately the example above is largely the situation we see each and every day - perception of the self.

So yes, it's going to be difficult - not anywhere near as difficult if you stayed the same or if you tried to muddle through it on your own - but for most people it's definitely not a walk in the park because on top of the lack of strength and fitness through months or most of the time years of body neglect, you need to get your mind the right place as well! This is where the commitment part becomes an integral part of the combination for your ultimate success, this is where you need to stop coming up with easy excuses as to why you choose to eat poorly, why your 'alarm doesn't go off', why you miss your training sessions be it your own or your PT sessions and why you're attributing your lack of success to anything and everything else your world but the most important factor - YOU. Now you don't need to become some one-eyed fitness junkie, that's not what I'm saying at all. What I am saying is that the journey you want to embark on could end up taking you much, much longer than you ever anticipated. It may not be something as simple as changing your nutrition and adding in some regular exercise, it might be food intolerances, illness, digestive problems, absorption problems, family issues, relationship breakdowns, job problems, job successes! I promise you, there will be factors outside your control which will try and have an effect on your journey towards the goals that you so very much desire, and what separates the successful from those who will remain stuck the world of yoyo diets, yoyo training and a yoyo life is your commitment to the most important cause - YOU.

I have helped hundreds of people change their lives, saved jobs, marriages, seen lofty dreams of state and national sport representation achieved and even been lucky enough to save some lives as well - so have all the true fitness professionals that I am honoured to network with. We are not easy on our clients, not even a little, we care about each and every one of them like they are part of our families and would do anything for them if it means their lives will change for the better. If you miss a session, you will get a message or a phone call, if you go wayward with your nutrition you'll definitely hear about it, and if you try and come up with excuses as to why you miss sessions, we will definitely give you an honest and frank opinion about it! We get the results our clients want, each and every time because we are 100% committed to each and every one of them and each and every one of their goals and aspirations. We only ask one thing of our clients before they begin training and to maintain whilst they train - commitment in return, to the cause and most importantly to themselves.

So think carefully and prepare yourselves for a journey of a lifetime, something you will remember forever when you look back at old photos of how you used to look and more importantly how you used to feel when you looked that way. For those of you who have taken the journey, look at yourself in the mirror and stand tall, be proud of everything you have done and revel in the way you feel now about yourself.

Commitment - it's not easy, but it's worth it.

Yours in wellness.

Arj P.

Mindset is one of the key elements we focus on here at The Human Mechanics because we believe in working from the inside out, and that's why we are able to help our clients achieve the results they do. To start yourself on the right path, get in touch today for a free consultation and start achieving all you set out to.