About Us

Walk around most corners these days and you’ll more than likely find ‘yet another gym’, walk in and you’ll find ‘yet another discounted membership’ designed to wow you with a ridiculously low membership price.

What these gyms don’t tell you is that once you enter their business on one of these memberships, you’re just there to make up the numbers and that’s where their obligations to you end. Sure, you go for a few weeks because the high of the new membership gets you there, but then you notice you’re doing the same, tired old workout you’ve always done and after going for those first few weeks, or months even – you’re not seeing any results for your efforts. So you stop going. Sound familiar? It should, it’s the same story for the majority of gym customers these days.

So how are WE different at Human Mechanics? How do we ensure that you don’t wall into the monotony trap? How do we ensure you keep seeing results and keep enjoy coming back?

That’s easy – we appreciate your business! We show that appreciation by going above and beyond to ensure you are looked after irrespective of the training options you have selected as part of your membership. All of our members from standard gym access all the way to dedicated 1:1 coaching receive the same level of care and expertise from all our staff. We want you to ask questions, we want you to challenge us with finding an option to allow you to train effectively even with an pre-existing injury or movement limitation, we want you to feel comfortable to come to us at any time for support so we can provide it to you.

That’s the THM difference. It’s one thing to tell you about it, it’s something completely different to experience it for yourself and we look forward to being able to give you that experience.

Arj Perera – CEO and Founder


Meet our THM

Lachy Steen


Lachy Steen


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Leah Riding


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Ryan Prout


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Our Services

1:1 Coaching

We have worked hard to find and develop the best Coaches in Bendigo, with each holding a minimum internationally recognised Strength & Conditioning qualification and most also hold a degree in Exercise Science.


This is our flagship product and you will not be disappointed with the results or with the standard of care our Coaches provide to you. Results once thought impossible are achieved with the help of our THM Coaches, so what are you waiting for?


Session duration 30min & 60 min

Semi-Private Coaching

Want the benefit of the Group Coaching environment for it’s atmosphere and camaraderie between members but aren’t quite ready for the jump to 1:1 Coaching? Semi-Private sessions are perfect for you then!


Individualised programming to suit your needs and help you hit your goals with the added benefit of working out with friends or making new ones in this fun, engaging training environment.


Session duration 60 minutes

Group Coaching

This is our entry level into our Coaching programs and one which caters for all abilities, capabilities and training experience. Each month you will be challenged by a brand new training block which centres around a strength training system, which is designed to allow you to drop body fat, gain lean muscle and increase your general fitness.


Groups are capped at 20 people which enables our Coaches to give each person in the group 1:1 attention to enable them to not only enjoy each session but get the most out of their training.


Session duration 60 min, 3 x per week.

Morning, lunchtime and evening session available across both THM venues.

Strength & Conditioning

We are the only facility in Bendigo and one of the few throughout Central Victoria who offer a platform where junior and senior athletes can be properly developed by experienced coaches.

Our Strength & Conditioning Coaches work with athletes locally, State wide, Nationally and Internationally and are quite sought after for their skills and expertise and are the highest qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Bendigo.

We have different training options depending on the level of competition and frequency of training each athlete requires and we always insist on meeting with senior athletes or parents and junior athletes in person prior to commencing training.

24/7 Gym Access

Our Epsom gym is a unique training space in the Bendigo gym marketplace, providing a spacious environment where you never have to fight for equipment or space in which to complete your sessions. Our gym space was designed with parents in mind and contains the only indoor playground in Bendigo which is free to use – so there’s no excuse to miss a training session!


Membership includes access to our Member Group Classes –

HIIT runs for 30 minutes

Boxing runs for 60 minutes

* Please see our timetable for class times.

Injury Rehabilitation

Return from injury or surgery can be a difficult and challenging road both physically and mentally. To make this journey an easier one, you require Coaches who have extensive experience in both pre and post operation spaces, and then skills in returning you to full function or as close as your capabilities will allow safely.

Our Coaches work with many of the best allied health professionals and surgeons in Bendigo and Melbourne and are highly recommended by all of them.

Session Duration 30min & 60min

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Saturday
6:00am Group Coaching / Members Boxing Group Coaching Group Coaching / Members Boxing Group Coachings Group Coaching / Members Boxing Group Coachings
7:00am Members HIIT Members HIIT
9:00am Members HIIT
9:30am Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching
12:15pm Members HIIT Members HIIT Members HIIT
5:30pm Members HIIT Members HIIT
6:00pm Group Coaching / Members Boxing Group Coaching / Members Boxing Group Coaching / Members Boxing
7:00pm Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching